Matriz de novas funcionalidades implementadas na customização DSpace/TEDE2

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Layout and Presentation Optimizations

Graphical Statistics

The goal was improving the native DSpace statistics presentation with css styles and dynamic graphics, because the statistics of JSPUI are poor in the presentation issue so it could not keep the users attention.

Before After
DSpace Demo Repository- Statistics 2014-08-27 23-17-18.png
TEDE Estatísticas - 2014-08-02 22.17.19.png

Form date fields calendar

TAG Cloud

Facets contraction / expantion

Suspense Doc Preview

Suspense Filling Hints

Captura de tela de 2014-08-19 01-17-43.png

Communities / Collections Dynamic Tree

Automatic Metadada Filling

dc.rights and

The fill of the fields dc.rights and are according the following logic:

1) If all the bitstreams where set as open access than dc.righs = openAccess and = null;

2) If there are some bitstream that was set as restrict access than dc.righs = restrict and = null;

3) If all the bitstreams where set as embargoed access or open access than dc.righs = embargoedAccess and = "max of the embargo dates".


The link of Creative Commons licence is atomatically set to dc.rights.uri.


According the formats available in the DSpace table this customization sets for each bitstream his corespondent format in the field dc.format.


As instruction [dspace.dir]/bin/dspace filter-media is executted the system amazenates the link of the generated thumbnails in the field dc.thumbnail.url.


According a template the field dc.description.citation receive a suggestion of filling with information between brackets that needs to be replaced.


Language Metadata Selection

Textarea and onebox fields could set the language of the filled information.

        <label>Title alternative</label>
        <input-type value-pairs-name="common_iso_languages">qualdrop_language</input-type>
        <hint>If the item has any alternative titles, please enter them below.</hint>
        <input-type value-pairs-name="common_iso_languages">qualdrop_textarea_language</input-type>
        <hint>Enter the abstract of the item below. </hint>

Onebox with language selection.png

Changing Initial Questions

Embargo Step Customizations

Editar acesso ao arquivo - TEDE 2014-09-05 00-07-16.png

Export Item Medatada in BibTex and EndNote

Inteface of Import Folder Itens (usefull for the legacy system)

Social Sharing

Sharing Searchs

Sharing Itens